It started out during a presentation of Showtime Championship boxing, with what I would call a “pipe dream from the couch.” The dream led to an Internet browsing session, and that search led to a phone call. Even during the very first telephone conversation, Coach Ahmed attacked by self-doubt and hesitancy. I observed a class that night and somehow, and somewhat reluctantly, was getting my hands wrapped by Coach Amy at 05:30 the next morning. There’s no pressure at Shraim’s Gym, however, there will be a great deal of encouragement. If you want to come in and grind your body, mind, and soul (face and ribs do not have to be excluded) to the bone-you can. If you want to augment your performance and endurance by way of the best, progressive cardio workout imaginable-you can. If you want to come in and cap off the day by relieving stress, within a great community, striving to make improvement on personal bests and goals-you can. If you just want to become knowledgeable and skilled in the arts of fighting-you can. But please don’t think it will be all work with no play-Jack doesn’t have to be a dull boy. Commenting on the adult class that I belong to, we are a bunch of mixed characters, coming from differing backgrounds and professions, that aren’t strangers to chatting up culture, comedy, politics, and all of life’s in-betweens. The truth is you will get all these things, and if you are paying attention, will see an incredible transformation. Some of it, others will continuously point out to you, and some of it will be self-revelation. Until my recent growth at Shraim’s, I had always been afraid of fighting in terms of the physical and the emotional. In addition, I had always had a problem being my own worst critic, a true perfectionist to the core. Now each class, the fear of fighting fades away, and each challenge becomes that much more exciting and appreciated. I am also now learning to “take a hit,” “roll with the punch,” “keep my head up,” and “stay in the fight.” Criticism is also becoming a true welcome, as opposed to an initiator for resentment. Putting clichés and philosophy to the side, while summoning up mythology, Shraim’s will provide the conditioning, the ashes will fly, and you will rise. If you made it to this line, then come be a Phoenix. We would love to meet you.

Justin Heim


At the age of 40, after leading a sedentary life, I joined Shraim’s Academy with the intent on taking boxing lessons for stress relief. The day I signed up, Coach Ahmed told me this would be the start of my new life--and he was right. Any concerns I had about thrusting myself into sudden activity quickly faded after my first week of classes. The coaches at Shraim’s make all the difference. They are knowledgeable, encouraging, personable and fun. They are extremely adept at working with a group’s varying skill levels in such a way that makes no one feel lesser than any other. The coaches motivate you when you need a little push but never so hard that it is out of your zone of capability--and there is no better feeling than when you hear your coach tell you “good job.” It is obvious that they really care and are invested in you and your progress. At Shraim’s, the environment of support fostered by the coaches is picked-up by the students who are more than willing to cheer you on, share their own knowledge and tips, and celebrate your accomplishments right along with you. I look forward to socializing with my fellow classmates but also realize that they, too, provide a kick in the pants when they up the ante on my skills during a good spar round. The boxing/workouts are never dull as the variety offered makes for an invigorating session that pushes you to test your own limits and be your best self. I came to Shraim’s to help release stress and though I am achieving my intended purpose, it is the least reason that keeps me coming back--the boxing/workout, the environment and the people offer so much more than I ever expected. Not only am I feeling stronger and experiencing changes in my body but my psyche and spirit are benefiting as well. I am more focused and disciplined and not just with boxing but in other areas of my life. I feel good about myself and what I am doing, and carry around a general feeling of confidence and accomplishment. I never thought I would be the type of person who would ever workout at a gym, let alone box, and I credit Shraim’s Academy for helping to foster my excitement for both. Finding Shraim’s and the sport of boxing has been a defining moment for me and a truly life changing experience.

Susan Ragazzo


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Coming to Shraim's was the best decision for my fitness needs. I never could stick with a program of lifting weights at a traditional gym, but the program Coach Shraim has put together is motivating and easy to stick to.There's always a new challenge and a new skill to learn. My wife also enjoys training at the academy. We love the staff and have met some great people there. Every one is super nice. For anyone on the fence, I say do it. You won't regret it. Joe

Joe Sorrentino

Best Workouts Ever

I've been involved in sports all my life but Shraim's boxing and conditioning classes are by far the best workouts I've even gotten.

Alexander Gorshkov


Words cannot describe how much I love Shraim's Academy! I started just about six months ago and I already feel like a true fighter! Everyone there is beyond friendly and I've made some awesome friends even though we have to beat on each other from time to time! I got into boxing because of my dad and I'm so happy I followed through with it because I couldn't be happier with this gym choice! Thank you Shraim's Academy for giving me the confidence and strength I need to go through life! I highly recommend coming here!

Sabrina Lombardi

​​​​49 and Stronger than Ever

I have been training at Shraim’s Academy 3 days a week for approximately 3 years now.  I am much stronger and more physically fit and have more energy at age 49 than at any time in my past.  Thank you Coach Ahmed for getting me the results that I have long desired but have never been able to achieve in 20 years of working out!

I am proud to say that I can jump rope for 10 minutes without stopping and can do 70 double jumps on a good day.  I can swing Kettlebells around with ease (truthfully requires some effort).  I can bench press 65 pounds, clean and press 60 pounds, and dead lift 90 pounds. I can finally do proper push-ups and even pull-ups!  I can flip a giant tire across the gym and back.  I can hit that tire with a heavy sledge hammer 30 times. . . so empowering!  The best part of my training is entering the boxing ring at the sound of the bell and getting to punch Coach Ahmed- jab, cross, hook, uppercut. . . There is no greater feeling in the world!!

Training at Shraim’s is difficult and always challenging, but also so much fun! The sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of each session is a feeling unrivaled by any other.  A quick glance in the mirror will immediately reveal the positive results of Coach’s expert training.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel- Thank You Shraim’s Academy, Coach Ahmed and Coach Amy.



My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 1/2 with autism. In the process of researching better ways to assist him I stumbled across an article that showed all the benefits that boxing has with children with autism. I began looking for gyms for my son's training but due to lack of patience no one would take him. I found Shraim's and it was last on the list to call. Coach Ahmed spoke with me and I explained my son's situation. From that call I knew I made the right decision. My boyfriend and I met with Coach Amy not only did she listen she was intuitive of learning our son. In the short period of time he has made great strides in all areas. I cannot thank them enough. They focus on improving his ABILITIES and never once spoke on his disability. Not only do I love Shraim's but I highly recommend them with or without a disability. Thank you Coach Amy for all that you do. Amir has came such a long way and will continue. Thank you for being apart of our journey. As I sit here he is asking to write his favorite word and car: NISSAN!!! LOL


Phenomenal Transformation

Our son started going to Shraims when he was 8 years old.  At that time he had very low muscle tone and coordination, along with attention issues.  Over the years, he has worked one-on-one with Amy building strength, improving his agility and developing his boxing skills.  Now, at age 16, our son is significantly stronger, has improved focus and, most importantly, greater self-confidence.  The transformation has been truly phenomenal!  Amy and Ahmed have been so supportive in helping our son achieve his individual goals.  Working out at Shraims has truly been a positive life changing experience for our son.  We highly recommend Shraims to anyone to work with their child, no matter what their fitness level is. 

George and Carla


I joined Shraim’s Boxing Academy in October 2012. I’m one of those people who want results fast. Who doesn’t right? But I never stuck with anything long enough to see them. When I stepped into this gym, the vibe was instantly welcoming and energizing! I knew this was different. When I started, I looked at this opportunity as a chance to shed some pounds. As a woman in my late thirties, I never realized that I could get past my achy back and knee issues. I never thought I’d ever see and feel muscle tone in places I’ve never seen it before in my body. I now realize that what I’m getting at Shraim’s is so much more than a way to lose a bit of weight. I am getting strong and I’m feeling amazing! I’ve got a little bit of a road ahead of me but for the first time I’m sticking with it and I finally see a way to get to my goal weight and body image. For that, I thank Coach Ahmed and Coach Amy at Shraim’s Boxing Academy. This experience has been life changing for my husband and I. We are now unlimited members on our quest to become truly fit and healthy.

Christina Sorrentino


I have three kids who love taking boxing classes at Shraim’s boxing and MMA academy. Before finding Shraim’s academy my daughter Ileana was asking for a long time to find her boxing gym. So when I found Shraims Academy three years ago she was so excited of starting it. She has been going there ever since and my two younger sons Jacob and Brandon followed her footsteps. Ileana is attending the 10-14 year age group, Jacob is in 5-9 age groups, and Brandon just joined the academy in January last year. They all love attending their classes and every week look forward in seeing their amazing coaches and learn the techniques of this sport. Since they joined the academy I have noticed amazing changes in all of them. Jacob was scared at first to get punched or stand up for himself, but since he joined Shraim’s academy he has been more confident in himself. Coaches Ahmed and Amy teach them how to be confident, strong minded, and disciplined. They encourage and motivate in different ways and give them and everyone in the class personal attention. My kids now know that they can’t give up until they reach their goals. Thank you to the Greatest Coaches