Our self defense seminars are designed based on simple methods and techniques that works for the real life scenarios without any of the complicated flare. Within a few short hours, we will teach you to become a more aware individual capable of spotting dangerous and risky situations and how to avoid  them. You will learn simple, yet effective "Fighting Back Techniques" in the case you need to fight back against a bigger assailant.

The seminars are divided into two parts:

​1-Day dreaming and situational awareness. In this section our students will learn how to become alert and aware of their surroundings, notice criminal behavior, spot threats nearby, and how to react under stress and pressure.

2-Simple Fight Back Techniques that are easy to learn and extremely effective against bigger and stronger threats. 

Most violence victims are usually females due to their weaker physical strength and their inability to fight back. Through training and practice, our methods will help you even the battlefield and give you a fighting chance. Self defense seminars and classes are a great start to help you develop the necessary skills to avoid becoming a victim and or give you a fighting chance to fight back. However, just like all other forms of Martial Arts, the more you practice, the better you become.

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