Our kids Boxing programs incorporate both the athletic conditioning of boxing and all the boxing skills required to become a formidable boxer.  It is carefully designed to help kids as young as five years old learn the sweet science that is BOXING, grow stronger, run faster and develop great athletic abilities. 

Every session starts with a group stretch followed by jump rope skills and a mix of body weight training (Push-ups, Sit-ups, Chin-ups...etc.) to build strength and stamina. Every new kid in the program is taught independently on the side the basic fundementals  of boxing. The stance, footwork, the jab and the cross and slowly new kids will be integrated into the group. Most of the boxing training is based around skill development. Kids that do not wish to spar are allowed to spend that time hitting the bags or practicing offense/defense skills. This program has something for every skills level.


At Shraim's Academy we offer a great personal training program that no other gym can offer.  We use our experience in Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts to offer an extremely challenging training session by utilizing the hard conditioning exercises that fighters use to get in a superior condition without the need to learn how to fight, unless there is a desire to do so.  And, in that case, we will design a program that offers the best of both worlds.​


At Shraim's Academy we believe that each Martial Art must be taught separately from other forms of fighting styles in order for the student to master that Art. mixing more than one fighting style in one session or one program have proven to be the wrong teaching method. Many great MMA fighters have come to recognize that by including separate coaches for separate fighting styles.

We offer three of the most important forms of Mixed Martial Arts at our gym; Western Boxing,  Muay Thai (The art of eight limbs), and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (The best of ground fighting arts).

Learn the ancient fighting art of the eight limbs and dominate your opponent. This is the choice of MMA fighters' standing style due to it's brutal Kicks, Elbows, and Knees Technics

BJJ: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training in Bridgewater
Come learn how to dominate your opponents on the ground with the coolest form of Jiu Jitsu

We believe in teaching these fighting styles separately to ensure our fighters do not develop bad habits.


A full hour conditioning program with NO boxing involved. This program is for those looking to get in a great shape without the fighting skills and drills.  Interval and circuit training that includes Jumping rope, Body Weight Training, Crossfit circuits Kettlebells, etc. Suitable for all fitness levels.


This is the program that every woman should try before joining any other gym. We use the conditioning routines of boxing training to "truly" reach our goals.  No nonsense work-outs, this is the real deal. Hard, fast, and very demanding exercises that will transform your body in the shortest time possible.

Boxing Training in Bridgewater


This program is designed for both individuals between the ages of 15 and 21 that are either looking to compete and participate in tournaments Or those that are just looking to learn the art of boxing for self defense and/or conditioning. No member is ever forced to fight or to spar in the ring unless they wish to do so once they reach a satisfactory level of boxing skills.​​


A full hour conditioning program with NO boxing involved. This program is built for kids who want to get into shape, build muscle, and get strong.  It is also designed for kids training for athletic conditioning intheir other sports.  Interval and circuit training that includes Jumping rope, push ups, chin ups, agility ladder training, slam balls, heavy ropes, and always something different to keep it fun.

ADULT BOXING: boxing training in bridgewater brazilian jiu jitsu in bridgewater muay thai training

We have designed a boxing training program for both men and women that incorporates a fitness and boxing routine that is sure to help all loose weight, gain strength, and tone up. Do not get intimidated by the word "BOXING", you will learn at your own pace and never need to keep up with anyone else. Our adult boxing program offers the best of both words. Whether your goals are to learn boxing or to get in shape, this program will help you get there. Get out of your old gym and join this fun and motivating class in the company of others with the same goals, without the risk of getting a black eye.