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         Most parents are intimidated by the sport of BOXING and would rather not have their children learn and or practice this great sport out of concern for the well being of their children. At Shraim's Academy the Safety of our members, especially children is our top priority always and foremost and we would never risk putting any of our members ever at risk.

         The sport of Boxing has great many benefits that completely outweigh its risks. Through the past decade of teaching the sport we had amazing success stories parents shared with us about the great positive effects of the sport of Boxing having on their children:

The most noticeable effect was the great confidence most kids develop as they become more sure of themselves and their abilities. As one parent once told our trainers "My son now has friends and isn't afraid of walking up to other kids he never met before and start up a conversation"

Parents, also, reported to us many other great improvements they noticed since their kids started boxing at Shraim's Academy such as;

more focus at school, higher grades, better discipline, increased level of energy, loss of extra weight, better sport performance due to much improved athletic abilities, stronger physic, faster reaction times, better hand eye coordination.

Our Kids Boxing programs are designed with three goals in mind:

1-(Not just Boxing) Developing kids' athletic abilities and skills through specialized conditioning routines such as: Jump rope, agility ladder, body weight training, cross-fit circuits...etc. Every boxing session starts with athletic conditioning.

2-Boxing skills and drills. Our goal in this section is to teach kids the great skills of Boxing from scratch. boxing stance, footwork, head movement, basic punch combos, defensive skills. Our method is based on learning the sport as an art not as a fighting method.

3-(Kids wishing to fight and or compete) This section is reserved for those few that wish to test their skills and aspire to compete in which they will be offered the chance to spar against other kids and if they possess the skills needed, will be given the chance to represent Shraim's Academy at local tournaments.  

Every session starts with a group stretch followed by jump rope skills and a mix of body weight training (Push-ups, Sit-ups, Chin-ups...etc.) to build strength and stamina. Every new kid in the program is taught independently on the side the basic fundementals  of boxing. The stance, footwork, the jab and the cross and slowly new kids will be integrated into the group. Most of the boxing training is based around skill development. Kids that do not wish to spar are allowed to spend that time hitting the bags or practicing offense/defense skills. This program has something for every skill level.