1. I am/My kid is a beginner or have no experience. Where do I start?

Most of our new clients have no former training in Boxing or any other form of Martial Arts. We will teach you or your kid all the basics and the fundamentals from the ground up.

2. Do I/My kid have to spar?"
We do not force anybody to spar in our classes. Also, No one is allowed to spar without first learning the fundamentals of any form of Martial Arts and drilling offense/defense tactics. However, we do encourage all our members to try sparring as it is a very important part of developing your skills and keep in mind that all new members will be slowly integrated into the group classes with light (touch) sparring.

3. Do you have beginner only boxing classes or do all levels train together?

Our classes contain all levels. We have beginners to more experienced members training together. However, As a beginner you will learn all of the basics of boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ gradually. All members work together to help beginners feel comfortable as they learn (No "new meat for the grinder" attitude at our gym).

4. Do I need any previous experience in Boxing, Muay Thai, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in order to take classes at Shraim's Academy?

No prior experience or athletic background is needed to join us at Shraim's Academy. We will teach you all of the skills you need from the ground up.

5. Do I need to wait until the beginning of a new month to start?

You can start any time. Our classes are set up so that a beginner can come in and begin right away in any of the classes that we offer.

6. What type of equipment do I need?

Boxing classes require a pair of gloves, hand wraps and a mouth piece which can be purchased at our gym on your first visit.

Muay Thai classes require shin guards which can be purchased online. Boxing gloves and mouthpieces will also be required.

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes GIs (Currently only NO GI classes are offered) can be purchased online, but are not required at the start of the class.

7. My child is being bullied. Can they learn the confidence to stand up for themselves by taking boxing classes?

The youth boxing program is designed to help kids become stronger, faster, and learn to fight. It will provide them with the skills needed to overcome their adversaries.

8. I would like to learn how to box (fight), but I am afraid of getting hurt.

At Shraim's Academy our focus is on two goals. The first goal is extreme conditioning and the second focuses on learning the skills and techniques of Boxing, Muay Thai, and/or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We will never force our students to get into the ring or participate in all out sparring unless they want to or until we think they are ready to. However, as with any sport or physical training, there is always a risk of injury involved.

9. Do you have an open gym membership? Can I come anytime I want?

We offer open gym membership every Monday and Wednesday from 5 pm to 8 pm.