Boxing For Fitness


This unique program was designed for those looking to take advantage of the boxing work-outs and have no interest in competition or sparring. This one hour long session starts with a good stretch, followed by jump rope routines (About 15 minutes) followed by strength, agility, cardio and stamina routines (About 20 minutes) and finishing off with boxing drills such as: Hitting the mitts and heavy bag drills (About 20 minutes) 

This program is for those looking to get in a great shape by utilizing boxing training without the fighting part.  Interval and circuit training that includes Jumping rope, Body Weight Training, Crossfit circuits Kettlebells, etc. PLUS the new awesome addition of punching and kicking the heavy bags. 

Whether you are an avid athlete or very out of shape, we can help you build from there and take your condition to the next level.

Even if you have never jumped rope before or can't even do one push up, we will help you get started and reach your goals through gradual and continuous progress.