This program is carefully designed to accommodate those who wish to learn to box and those who wish to have a good work-out without the risk of getting punched in the face. Over the years we have had many clients that wish they could take advantage of the great boxing routines but they do not wish to spar nor Fight against other members. So in order to make this dynamic and unique program work for most people (those that wish to box and spar and those looking for the knowledge and the workout without the sparring), we split the session into three sections:

1-First section is conditioning through jump rope and other body weight excersises (About 25 minutes)

2-Second section is Boxing skills and drills (Learning boxing basics, stance, footwork, punches combos, defensive techniques...etc.) About 30 minutes.

3-Third section is an open gym. In this section members have the option to hit the bags, practice their skills against other members or spar if they choose to do so.

Our, stress-free, environment and friendly trainers will make everyone feel welcome and at ease from the first minute you step into our gym. No need to worry about being a beginner or an advance boxer. Our program offers great opportunity and challenge to all levels and background. Boxing routines never get old and never become too easy. Getting a fun, energetic and fast paced work-out has been our speciality for over 10 years.