Shraim's Academy in Bridgewater

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Shraim's Academy started in 2007 in the basement of Coach Ahmed Shraim and was known at that time as The Underground Fight Club.

Coach Ahmed started his Martial Arts Journey at the age of 16 in the Middle East in the discipline of Western Style Boxing under Coach Osama El Saba'a. He had a promising future as a fighter only to be cut short due to a severe hand injury. Not being able to continue to compete he opted to help training other boxers at his gym.  Due to his love for the sport and great ability to train others, he focused on coaching instead of competing.

Soon after college, his journey took him to the Far East where he was introduced to the great art of Muay Thai in Thailand. While there he helped a young fighter from France win a local tournament against the local favorite fighter.

As Coach Ahmed continued his travels, the journey took him to Sweden were he lead the boxing team of Hammerby IF Club. Under his leadership he graduated a few young talents and a couple of Champions from the team. One of his fighters managed to upset the undefeated champ to win the Bronco cup via K.O. in the second round.

Also under his training and supervision as a coach, some of these same graduated fighters have gone on to become successful and knowledgeable trainers themselves, all around the world.

During all of his travels, Coach Ahmed continued studying various forms of Martial Arts including Muay Thai, BJJ, Hand to Hand Combat, Judo, Knife Fighting, Close Protection, Firearms, Urban Combat and Self Defense.

Within the past 10 years in America, Coach Ahmed has trained countless number of young and old fighters focusing mainly on Boxing and Muay Thai disciplines. A few of his young talents have gone on to win Amateur bouts and local tournaments.

With over 25 years of training and teaching, Coach Ahmed managed to compile a great deal of experience and tremendous understanding of many aspects of stand up and ground fighting. His philosophy is: 

"Learn everything you can learn from everyone who can teach and use what works for you"